Sharpe Engineering Inc. is a software engineering company based in Ski Crested Butte specializing in the application of advanced technologies to address complex problem spaces. Most of our recent work has been to help clients understand and utilize data-in-motion by leveraging the IBM InfoSphere Streams platform.

We provide a variety of consulting services related to complex low-latency analytics on big data for situational awareness and/or resource management. In particular we focus on the effective combination of a number of different technologies and methods to address challenges that are beyond the capabilities of traditional approaches. Key aspects include:

  • Ultra low latency stream processing to collect and process a wide range of explicit contextual information to produce actionable insight in real-time.
  • Real-time natural language and A/V processing to accommodate unstructured data sources
  • Machine learning to automatically identify important elements and relationships
  • Effective integration with various leading data-at-rest technologies to provide insight into both current state and historical context.

Sharpe Engineering leverages a deep understanding of the unique strengths and characteristics of the InfoSphere Streams platform to provide guidance on its effective application in a wide range of problem spaces. We can help you get the most out of the inherent features of the platform and raise the bar on the kinds of challenges you can address.

Additionally we enhance the basic stream processing paradigm through a combination of methods that incorporate metadata, information provenance, confidence values, and various domain specific and general purpose modular toolkits.