Medical Analytics

Medical-Analytics2An obvious and important use for data-in-motion stream processing is in intensive care unit.  More data is being generated today than ever and most if it is underutilized.  The characteristics of stream processing and more specifically the InfoSphere Streams platform are ideally suited to consume this fire hose of data and process it into a form relevant to the clinician.

Sharpe Engineering is a founding partner of a group of companies and organizations researching uses for low latency streaming analytics in the clinical setting.  Working with Excel Medical, IBM, and many others we are working to improve the patient experience while reducing risk and cost.

Among the many benefits this approach could provide are:

  • Continuous observation
  • Monitoring for subtle but important changes or trends
  • Correlation between multiple data sources
  • Generate dynamic composite health indications
  • Analytics specialized for specific conditions, patient states, or patient class (e.g. neonatal or geriatric)
  • Unified visualization of current state and historical context

Each of these topics along with many others is the focus of ongoing research under the guidance of leading institutions.  If you have interest in this area please contact us for more information on how you can get involved.